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Melyna Purba, Piano & Denys Karachevtsev, Cello

Melyna Purba, Piano & Denys Karachevtsev, Cello

Melyna Purba (Indonesien) und Denys Karachevtsev (Ukraine) haben sich in Berlin kennengelernt und teilen die gleiche Leidenschaft für zeitgenössische klassische Musik und Filmmusik. In diesem Konzert werden sie ihre eigenen Kompositionen und einige moderne Klassik-/Popmusikstücke spielen.

L’écritoire ist seit Januar 2023 tagsüber als Quiche-Haus geöffnet!

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Melyna PURBA

Pianist and composer from Indonesia. She began her musical journey with classical notes, seamlessly transitioning to explore more to pop and cinematic melodies. With over a decade of professional piano artistry, she enchants as a soloist, playing with ensemble and orchestra. Her compositions mostly inspired about feelings, expressing emotions beyond the reach of words in various colors.

Composing Music for Advertisement for Development Bank of West Java and Banten, Independance Day Indonesia Melyna Purba shines as a skilled composer, lending her musical prowess to amplify the promotional campaigns of the Development Bank of West Java and Banten. Her melodic creations not only enhance these advertisements but also extend to the heart of Indonesia’s IndependenceDay celebrations, where her music becomes a vibrant expression of national pride and unity. Through her unique compositions, Melyna artfully merges the worlds of finance and cultural celebration, leaving an indelible mark on these significant events.

Playing for Sounddrifters

Sound Drifters Berlin is a group of musicians and artists that wants to defend one of the last free spaces in the city: Berlin’s waterways. In a world that becomes smaller and smaller, where room for art and culture becomes scarce, we believe in a future on the water. Right in the hectic centre of the city, the river and the canals form a different world where new artistic and social experiences become possible. It is this last unclaimed space that we want to reinvent as a safe, free and inclusive place for encounter.


Melyna is not only a performer but also a creative force behind her works. She is the composer and the visionary behind the song and music video "Rescued," for which she arranged the entire concept and oversaw its production. This work highlights her multifaceted talent as a composer, arranger, and producer, bringing her unique musical ideas to life.


Melyna Purba’s musical expertise is further enriched by her significant orchestral experiences. In 2013, she traveled to Budapest to perform for the Indonesian government, a testament to her international recognition and her ability to represent her country on a global stage. Additionally, her involvement with Infinito Singers since 2014 adds to her rich choral and orchestral experiences. Infinito Singers, known for its passion for choir music and diversity in singing various repertoires, provides Melyna with a platform to explore the beauty of choir singing and the unity it brings. Her role in this group complements her individual accomplishments, showcasing her versatility as a musician who thrives both as a solo artist and as part of an ensemble.

Denys  Karachevtsev , cellist

Denys Karachevtsev is a cello performer and teacher of University of Arts in Kharkiv, founder of chamber music project Akustikos (Kyiv 2018) , musician collaborated with conteporary music ensembles and chamber music projects in Ukraine and abroad the country.

CD releases

 „First“ (Akustikos Art Group)

  „Kharkiv.Songs of war“ 2022 (feat. Tanya Sha and studio Kofein)

He had collaborations with Lyatoshinskiy trio, Babylon Orchestra Berlin , Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra 2023 and New Era Orchestra (Kyiv)

Since 2018 he is the founder and director of  Akustikos Art Group chamber music project, the winner and participant at the Vienna International Arts Festival competition 2019 ,1st place in category of chamber ensembles

2020 – 2022 worked at National Opera Theater in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Since 2021 started teaching cello at the Kharkiv University of Arts. Before teaching in University worked as a teacher with Mozart Music School Kharkiv and Music School N8 and private cello lessons also.

Won the 1st place of Stankovych international competition at solo instruments category (Kyiv 2013) .

As a soloist, Denys performed with MASO“ Slobozhansky“ symphony orchestra , NMAO Chamber Orchestra and NPU Chamber Orchestra.

As a part of the orchestras and chamber ensembles he was participated in concert tours in Japan, Poland, Germany, France, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Kuwait, Austria, Switzerland, Italy.

As a student he is always was interested in contempopary and improvization music, played in“Sed Contra“ contempopary music ensemble, Kyiv, collaborated with the National Union of Ukrainian Composers, also had collaborations with Ukrainian Improvisers Orchestra and New Era Orchestra (Kyiv) 

Was born in Kharkiv (1992), Ukraine, in musical family and took first lessons at the age of 5 at the Special Music School, Kharkiv. After last year at Kharkiv Music College, he was invited to study at the National Ukrainian Thaikovsky Music Academy in Kyiv with professor I.Kucher – soloist of National Organ Hall in Kyiv. Education: Thaikovsky National Music Academy-Kyiv 2015 (Master degree), Anton Rubinstein Musik Akademie – Berlin (entered Konzertexamen program in 2022)


Feb 02 2024


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Schönwalder Straße 20, 13347 Berlin, Deutschland


Salon L'Écritoire
Salon L'Écritoire