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Tom Georgel, Klavier Solo

Tom Georgel, Klavier Solo

Tom Georgel has long been fascinated by the construction of short pieces of music. He devotes a great deal of work to this in his creation Les Jours Ordinaires, composing a varied repertoire of texts, scores and improvisation instructions for the audience and the artists in the project (actress, instrumentalists, electronics, etc.).

In this new solo concert, he continues his research by confronting himself with his own micro-compositions, using them as small bricks in a large construction. Some compositions are texts from which he draws inspiration, while others are brief musical gestures to which he gives greater form. It’s a lively concert that plays with the pianist as much as with the piano.

Texts by Tom Georgel and extracts from Espèces d’Espaces by Georges Pérec, and Journal du dehors by Annie Ernaux.

Compositions by Tom Georgel

Pianist, composer and improviser Tom Georgel works with music in all its forms. His first album, Et Toc! – 2022, bears witness to this: writing with and for improvisers, and poetic storytelling. This orchestral work of rubbing shoulders with the elements returns in Tremblement – 2022, Aladdin – 2024, and his own ensemble – Camion Rouge.

In Les Jours Ordinaires, commissioned by XXI.n, for actress, flute, accordion, cello and electronics, he explores encounters and social distances. The show was performed at the Cité de la Voix and the POTE Festival. Tom Georgel directed Volvox during a residency at the Ecole Polytechnique with the Chair of Arts and Sciences, and sets Bertrand Hagenmüller’s documentaries to music, another encounter between stories and sounds.

A pianist who dabbles in everything, he tours with Johan Boutin and their show Miz B & Mr G, a space of freedom in song and poetic openness. He is a member of Marie Mifsud’s quintet for her two albums Là and Récif, and accompanies Juliette Meyer and Estelle Meyer. In the theatre, he accompanies the work of Alex Crestey and Philippe Mangenot, and composes for Benjamin Groetzinger (Le Petit Prince).

L’écritoire ist seit Januar 2023 tagsüber als Quiche-Haus geöffnet!

Unsere musikalischen Veranstaltungen begleiten wir mit hausgemachten Spezialitäten Küche aus Frankreich.

Unsere Gemüsequiche-Teller mit Beilage sind für 13,00 € zu bestellen!  Unsere Tarte des sœurs Tatins, wie Zitrone-  und Pflaumen-Tarte (6,00 €), werden Ihren Geschmack treffen und die Sehnsucht nach Frankreich wecken! Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.

Quiches bieten wir auch zum Mitnehmen an. Vorbestellungen für außer Haus können Sie per E-Mail oder per Telefon (030 28 61 05 39) ausrichten.



Jul 05 2024


19:30 - 21:00






Schönwalder Straße 20, 13347 Berlin, Deutschland


Salon L'Écritoire
Salon L'Écritoire

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Initiative Musik
Initiative Musik
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Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien