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Isabel Anders (piano) and Biliana Vouchkova (violin & voice) – Konzertreihe zeitgenössischer Improvisationsmusik

Isabel Anders (piano) and Biliana Vouchkova (violin & voice) – Konzertreihe zeitgenössischer Improvisationsmusik

Die Konzertreihe „Piano + one“ ist von Roman Stolyar kuratiert.

The “Piano +1” project is a concert series of improvised music presenting acoustic duets with a piano. Improvising pianists are invited to participate in the program, each of them chooses a partner (an acoustic instrument or voice).

Isabel Omara Espichicoque Anders is a German/Cuban pianist, composer,
and improviser based in Berlin. She began her piano studies in a music
school at age 6. Isabel continued her education, studying with the
pianists Prodromos Symeonidis and Vladimir Tropp, eventually leading
her to the decision to focus on her own composition and unique
approach to improvisation, rather than aspiring to become a classical
pianist. This decision led Isabel to explore a wide variety of art
forms, and to further her studies, taking classes with Sascha
Dragićević and Stefan Streich, focusing on composition and
contemporary music. In 2019 she released her first soundtrack album
with orchestral elements, electronics and voice related to the book:
„Les Fleurs du Mal“, written by Charles Baudelaire. After she wrote
several pieces for piano and small ensembles. Isabel’s intention with
improvisation is to conduct a musical dialogue with the other
performers, and to let ideas and inspiration from various sources and
art forms merge in a non-elitist manner into a timeless form of

She plays Solo and Ensemble concerts in Berlin, Japan, London, Hamburg
with musicians, dancers and performaers from various scenes like:
Ignaz Schick, „the London improvise Orchestra“ Marc Schmolling,
Matthias Bauer, Manuel Miethe, Horst Nonnenmacher, Marcello Silvio
Busato, Vincent Laju, Zsolt Sőrés, Daniel Craig, Elo Masing, Jan
Roder, Lan Hungh, Wolfgang Schwabe, Romain Bertheau, Guilherme
Rodrigues, Jung- Jae Kim, Gerhard Gschlößl, Sofia Borges, Edith
Steyer, Vinicius Cajado, Willi Kellers,Toby Delius, Christof Thewes,
Chloe Lin… She is part of „The Bruital Noise Orchestra Berlin“,
„CURCUIT TRAINING“ – Ensemble Berlin.

Biliana Voutchkova is a dynamic, thoroughly engaged interdisciplinary
artist, violinist, composer-performer, improvisor and curator with
highly individual, unconventional artistic language. Through the prism
of listening, her early training in classical music and the years of
development as contemporary artist-performer, she explores states of
spontaneity and intuitive resonance embodied in her multifaceted
activities. Her work spans the widest possible range of sound, vision,
movement and includes concert performances of improvisation,
contemporary composition and original site specific work, exhibitions,
long durational / multidisciplinary performances, audiovisual works
and installation formats with focus on the interconnection between
inner world and sound space.
Biliana works internationally as a soloist and in collaboration with
many renowned artists and ensembles (the Splitter and Trickster
Orchestras and Ensemble Modern among others). She is the founder and
curator of the DARA String Festival, faculty at the Academy of Arts
Bern/HKB Bern, SHAPE+ Platform artist for 2022/2023, co-founder and
member of Voutchkova/ Thieke duo, Jane in Ether and the Land Stages
Collective, and a recent recipient of the Berlin Residency Stipend at
Cité des Arts / Paris, Villa Aurora in Los Angeles, the Composition
Stipend from the Berliner Senate, grands from INM/Berlin, Musikfonds,
the National Culture Fund/Bulgaria and the Trust for Mutual
Understanding/New York.

Bild: Peer Kugler and Cristina Marx.

L’écritoire ist seit Januar 2023 tagsüber als Quiche-Haus geöffnet!

Unsere musikalischen Veranstaltungen begleiten wir mit hausgemachten Spezialitäten Küche aus Frankreich.

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Quiches bieten wir auch zum Mitnehmen an. Vorbestellungen für außer Haus können Sie per E-Mail oder per Telefon (030 28 61 05 39) ausrichten.


Apr 12 2024


19:30 - 21:30






Schönwalder Straße 20, 13347 Berlin, Deutschland


Salon L'Écritoire
Salon L'Écritoire

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